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Business Networking Events & Marketing

Building Stronger Professional Relationships & Businesses

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom

Service Description

The Agency Collective creates unforgettable experiences through a deliberate and aesthetic approach that elicits emotions, dialogues, and shareable moments. We specialize in organizing unique, intelligent, and cutting-edge events, with the conviction that narrative is at the heart of all we do. Founded by industry professionals with considerable technological knowledge in the entertainment and event production industries. Our multi-talented staff has experience in production, media, and brand promotion. We know that to genuinely engage guests, concepts must be fully implemented down to the tiniest detail, based on our extensive expertise and many projects. So whether our creative team comes up with a bold proposal or our venue expert uncovers an overlooked location, we make it happen, and attendees will be impressed. Let us take the stress of planning and help your vision come to life. WHAT IS THE GOAL? To create strong content, with a clear takeaway and an amazing experience that will make people leave your event feeling on fire and ready to come to the next gathering. Take your networking event to the next level! INTERESTED IN PLANNING AN EVENT? Understanding your vision, key objectives, brainstorming meetings, and putting your plan into action are all part of our strategy for each event. Make a venue option that is appropriate for your occasion. We assist you in developing a creative concept and incorporating creative aspects that are appropriate for your theme. We design the strategy, preparation, budgeting, marketing aspects, and program implementation for your idea. INCLUDES PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT - Event Planning, Coordination, and Management - Venue Location and Site Inspections - Event Styling, Lighting, Sound and Video Production - Stage Management and Technical Direction - Vendor recommendations, negotiations, and coordination - Assistance with menu development and recommendations - Ongoing communication throughout the event - Provide timeline and itinerary for vendors/hosts - Coordinate vendor confirmation, arrival, and set up for day of the event (*Prices vary depending on the level of the project)

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