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Corporate Events

The one-stop event management company for large, brand-driven event experiences – both live and virtual. 

The Agency Collective is a world-class, female-led leadership team that organizes extraordinary gatherings and special events for clients all around the globe. It has been demonstrated that our 20+ years of expertise, creative solutions, and agility guarantee great events every time. In order to ensure that our clients are supported and that their goals are achieved, we work closely with them as partners.

Your Vision - Our Plan

Lean on our experts 

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Here at The Agency Collective, we believe a well-planned event is the first step to success. You will always receive recommendations that are both affordable and capable of delivering the experience you wish to provide for attendees thanks to our considerable experience and partnerships. Our planners ensure your event is teed up for success, right from the start.


Event Experiences

Networking Group


Live Events

offering unique opportunities to allow attendees to connect.

Virtual Team Meeting


Virtual Events

 a unique combination of expertise and technology provided.

Standing Camera


Hybrid Events

the option of an online and in-person experience with hybrid events.

Our Approach

Our three-step process

From the conception of an idea through the successful execution of your one-of-a-kind event, we are dedicated to providing you and your guests with an unparalleled, personalized experience. We won't stop until every little detail has been carefully considered in order to create a wonderful atmosphere full of unexpected moments.

Phase 1
Listen for Direction

Customer alignment, attendee journey mapping, event strategy development, and program preparation are all integral parts of listening.


  • Define event goals and expectations

  • Document timing, work steams, and team roles

  • Budget and negotiate smart contracts 

  • Formulate key messaging and storytelling approaches

  • Understand your business’ brand story

  • Outline your registration workflow

  • Define the communications process and timeline

  • Initiate speaker research and alignment

  • Sourcing the right elements

Laptop Writing

Phase 2
Creating the Details

Our event services include concept design and creative, attendee engagement tactics, production, event communications, and more, are created with an experience-first perspective for a memorable time. 


  • Idea generation, event theming, creativity, and essential itinerary

  • Plan your attendees' pre-, onsite, post-event, and event experience 

  • Script and storyboard the entire production

  • Organize activities, timelines, and production 

  • Create and distribute branded communications in print, internet, and other forms

  • Deliver a structure for communications that supports your event's objectives


Phase 3
Deliver an Experience

Creating curated event experiences that meet your stated aims and objectives is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. This is where planning, storytelling, creative, and onsite (and/or virtual) execution prowess come to life.


  • Deliver curated event flows †

  • Execute full event logistics and operational needs

  • Manage all food and beverage †

  • Coordinate and manage rehearsals and onsite activities †

  • Support and manage onsite presenters/ speakers †

  • Create printed and digital assets for the event

  • Engage and work alongside best-of-breed partners


Types of Events

Type of Events

Build your ultimate Event experience with our customizable Corporate options

From the conception of an idea through the successful execution of your one-of-a-kind event, we are dedicated to providing you and your guests with an unparalleled, personalized experience. We won't stop until every little detail has been carefully considered in order to create a wonderful atmosphere full of unexpected moments.

Live Event Services

Milestone Celebrations

Full-Service Logistic Management and More

When working with clients, we approach it extremely personally. We start the process by learning about your ultimate goals and the restrictions on the program's budget. From there, we will collaborate with you to design the concept, a strategy for the event, and an implementation plan.

Grand Openings
& Ribbon Cutting 

Every new company wants to get noticed and create an impact on potential clients. The event we design will be entertaining for attendees and profitable for your company.

Product Launch & Promotions

It's your chance to reveal all you've been working on to the public during a product launch. Throw the best product launch party of the year to make it count. By going all out, you can win over prospective clients and investors.


Themed Celebrations

Full-Service Logistic Management and More

We have the expertise to plan any style of event, from a catered formal sit-down dinner to a casual and laid-back hangout. To design the ideal themed or holiday party, we'll work within your company's budget.

No specific plans for a workplace party? No problem. Our event coordinators will meet with your workers to explore ideas for a corporate holiday party or a theme party and will suggest a few locations for office parties that fit the occasion. We can manage any size event, whether it's simply a tiny department party or one for the entire business.


Specialty Events

Hybrid Events
Video Convention
Hybrid Events & Tradeshow

Enable the audience to navigate the venue with ease in a visually rich environment. Improve conversions by engaging with prospects with powerful chat tools and webinars. Generate more leads by hosting a Virtual Trade Show or Event with us by your side. 

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Destination Events

The best kinds of corporate retreats should be professional, reflecting your business, but also planned with unique and fresh entertainment, ideas, and themes. We help you plan a staycations to Hawaii island trips that take your team to a luxury hideaway with magnificent ocean views. 

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Luxurious Home
Retreats & Wellness Events

Together with your coworkers, we help plan unforgettable business retreats in exotic locations a wellness retreat that include massages and stimulating activities.  Event experts ready to plan perfectly tailored experience end-to-end for your team and budget. We meticulously organize one-day or multi-day getaways to help your employees strengthen their relationships or simply relax.

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Non-Profit Events

Our events offer a non-profit the opportunity to bring people together who are all committed to a specific cause. We carefully tailor your event to help your non-profit organization continue to improve quality of life for others at a community, local, state, national, or even global level.

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Volunteering Group

Expert Ideas. Flawless Execution.

From a Tropical Breeze to Events Oversees

Although we live in Hawaii, we also frequently travel abroad, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.


Hawaiian Islands


San Francisco




Las Vegas



Ready to Plan Your Next Celebration?

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